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Lasers work by increasing the energy necessary for 

injured cells to communicate, heal, and regenerate!


We use Erchonia low level lasers, not to stimulate or suppress, but to facilitate the healing capabilities of a tired and depleted body at a cellular level.


All cells have mitochondria and if stressed or diseased, the mitochondria

become injured and cannot keep up with the body's energy demands.

Low-Level Lasers help the mitochondria produce energy (ATP) necessary

for healing and repair.


The photobiology benefits of Low-Level Laser Therapy are proven by research 

to increase circulation, ATP production, neurotransmitters, nitric oxide, various

interleukin cytokines, and much more!


Low-Level Laser Therapy decreases inflammation in every cell that contains mitochondria. This is every cell in the body! (muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, organs, brain, etc.)


We are using historic and epic cutting-edge devices to enhance the body's own natural ability to heal through laser photochemistry! (not possible with infrared devices)

Some of the MANY Biological Effects of Low Level Laser:

 Rapid cell growth  Accelerates reproduction and growth.

 Faster Wound Healing  Stimulates fibroblast development and accelerates collagen synthesis in damages tissue.

 Increased Metabolic Activity  Higher outputs of specific enzymes, greater oxygen and greater production of basic food source for cells, ATP.

 Reduced Scar Tissue Formation  Reduces the formation of scar tissue following damaged from: cuts, burns, scratches, and post surgery.

 Anti-inflammatory action  Reduces swelling caused by bruising or inflammation of joints, provides enhanced joint mobility.

 Increased Vascular Activity  Laser light induces temporary vasodilation increasing blood flow to damaged areas. 

 Stimulated Nerve Function  Speeds the process of nerve cell reconnection to bring the numb areas “back to life”. 

A result of the many biological effects produced by Low-Level Laser, it is a proven highly effective pain reducing modality (FDA cleared) as it simultaneously increases healing!

Learn more about low-level laser care at our laser website ---> 

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