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Transform Your Health with High-Tech Laser Care

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Zerona Z6 Laser Spa Somerset, MA
Laser care for shoulder
Multiple wavelength lasers after hip surgery

Our Philosophy & Approach to Health

At Rutkowski Chiropractic Wellness & Laser Center, we trust in the incredible innate healing potential of the human body. We believe that everyone has an un-tapped inner healing source and deserves the opportunity to function and feel their best to live a meaningful and rewarding life.

Chiropractic wellness care has proven to be a highly successful strategy for us to help transform the lives of thousands of people over the last 30 years.  We stay current with research and technology and continually make advancements to offer the best care possible.

That's why we're committed to providing the most advanced low-level laser care available. We exclusively use 
Erchonia® Lasers because they are the most researched and FDA cleared lasers in the world.  Erc
honia® has 22 FDA Clearances to prove their safety and effectiveness.

(All other laser companies combined have only 4).  


Numerous FDA clearances are for pain and fat loss, and current research projects include: Autism, Tinnitus, Neuropathy, Erectile Dysfunction, Macular Degeneration, and Severe Spinal Cord Injuries, and more.


Our team has received hundreds of hours of high level education and continues with regular training with experts around the country to keep on the cutting-edge of low-level laser technology and its applications.

Adding low level lasers to our practice has dramatically enhanced our ability to take our care to the next level.

Our Advanced Laser Protocols


We incorporate a more complete look at the body as a whole, versus just a body part that is hurting or malfunctioning.  

We look at body systems and most specifically the nervous system because it's the master communication system that coordinates all the others together.  

Our objective with low-level laser care is to increase energy for healing and repair where it is needed most.  We are simply assisting the body's natural process of healing without drugs, surgery, side-effects, or recovery time.

Our advanced laser protocols could be applied to help someone with knee pain fro example.  We know the knee will definitely benefit from direct laser, but that's not where we start. First, we address the body systems and neurological pathways that control the knee.  

We start with laser on the brain!  Specifically the pre-frontal cortex where pain integration takes place, the parietal lobe that monitors the knee position in space, the cerebellum that coordinates movement of the knee, and the vagus nerve that helps balance the autonomic system and promotes healing.
Next, we laser a specific lumbar spine nerve roots that connect the knee to the central nervous system.  Then, we finish with a direct laser application to the knee.  

Custom protocols are designed for each person based on their health status and condition. 


We do not treat conditions, but support the normal adaptive physiology of the body.

Rutkowski Chiropractic Wellness & Laser Center
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