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All Hands In

Free Community Events

We have been involved with our local community for nearly 30 years! 

In addition to our weekly radio show and in house workshops, we offer FREE health screenings and educational talks in the community. 

FREE High-Tech Health Screenings


Our newest screenings for 2024 utilize an advanced form of Health Rate Variability (HRV) called NeuralChek.

In less than 5 minutes we can reveal a participant’s:  1) Energy  2) Brain & nervous system balance  3) Whether they are prematurely aging or actively reversing it!


We live in the 21st century with a lot of stress, overstimulation, and toxicity.  These all contribute to an imbalanced autonomic nervous system and allows stress to cause damage.

Our mission is to create awareness in our community and offer strategies to help balance the nervous system so the body can heal and recover and the brain can be more clear and focused.

We perform free screenings at events, meetings, offices for the benefits of the employees, businesses for their customers, gyms, churches, schools, and more.

Free Health Workshops

We offer complimentary health educational programs in the community on Neurological Health, Stress, and Lifestyle Essentials.  These programs are customized for the group and can range from 15-60 minutes.

Business People Applauding

Contact us for more information or to schedule an event

Lisa Rutkowski


Rutkowski Chiropractic Wellness & Laser Center
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