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Welcome Home!

Dr. Ross Rutkowski celebrating 30 years of service 1994-2024
We offer exceptional care and utilize advanced technology to help everyone from 
newborns to seniors express their health's potential
Rutkowski Chiropractic Wellness Center

Our Practice

Welcome to Rutkowski Chiropractic Wellness & Laser Center!


Explore our space and get to know us. Our office looks and feels like no other! We've passionately served our community for almost 30 years and have built a culture of health & wellness within the area.


We utilize modern technology to facilitate old school natural healing.  

We share the gift of great health, generation after generation for every member of the family.  We want to see individuals and entire families vibrantly living years after year. 


The bottom line, your health matters to us! Our passion isn’t just about helping people get out of pain, but to keep them healthy and living their best life.

We don’t chase symptoms because we know that health is about full body function from the inside out.  The journey to optimal health starts with finding the root causes of the problem, which is exactly what we do here!


Walk through our doors and you’re immediately a part of our family, so your goals become our goals. Whatever issues you may be having, we’ll help you get through them with our natural, holistic, and non-invasive solutions. 

Most importantly, we'll not only show you how to stay well, but to continue to grow even healthier for years to come!

WSAR radio 1480AM and 95.9FM

Celebrating 25 Years on WSAR!
with Dr. Ross Rutkowski
Every Thursday 1-2pm
Every other Saturday 8-9am

Celebrating 25 years as radio host on 1480 WSAR
WSAR radio 1480AM and 95.9FM

Tune in to learn strategies how to take control of your health from the inside-out!

Rutkowski Chiropractic Wellness & Laser Center
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